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SIP Voice App Setup

iSavi Voice Quick Start Guide

The iSavi is compatible with Apple IOS and Android devices. Below is an example of the Applications used to control, configure, manage messages and make voice calls.

*For IsatHub Control App instructions on configuring and managing terminal please see the IsatHub Control Quick Start Guide.

*iSatHub Control App must be setup and configured first in order to use the iSatHub Voice Application. *In order to place a call or send/receive SMS, you must have a SIP account configured and enabled.iSavi_Voice_001



By Default you will be directed to New SIP Account page in order to configure and register your SIP settings. Once on this page the Factory Default values are listed (if you do not have your own SIP Server to program do NOT change these settings). You must be connected through Wi-Fi to the terminal first in order to Register SIP account with the iSatHub terminal, then save settings.


Once registered, you will see iSatHub as Enabled in the Accounts page under Settings. This means your phone is setup to make and receive phone calls and messages.


In order to successfully make a phone call or send a message you will need to dial (+) country code- area code-phone number.  (i.e. +1###-###-####)

*If you allow Application to access your contacts, it is very important that the contacts phone number be stored in your phone with a (+) or (00) and (country code) or all outbound calls/SMS will not be routed correctly.



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